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Scary SEO Mishaps – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Aaron Wheeler

 Happy Halloween mozzerati! Oh, Roger wants me to tell you: "Trick or treat!" Actually, this week we’ve got a lot more treats than tricks for you. Our treats will even help you overcome some of the nasty trixes of the SEO world! Jen Lopez, our Community Manager at SEOmoz, is here to tell you about some of the scary SEO mishaps that could happen to you if you’re not careful. You’re going to want to watch this one all the way through; I hear there’s a wiked Halloween mozzter mash at the end! Roger may even go trick or treating after the credits…

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Video Transcription

Hi, everyone. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. As you can tell, both Rand and Danny are out of town and they have left me, Jen Lopez, the Community Manager here at SEOmoz, with the reins. [sinister laugh]

Today we’re going to do something a little fun. We’re going

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7 Halloween SEO Stories (To Read In The Dark)

SEO might seem cute and fuzzy on the outside, but when you step into this world of bone-chilling horror, you’ll find the stuff monsters and nightmares are made of.

Buckle up – it’s time for a ride on the terror express.

The Invisible Text

Jim had heard stories of hidden text, but he always dismissed them as mere tales meant to scare little children and dogs. One day in the computer lab at school, Tony motioned for Jim to come over.

“My dad told me that in the old days, people used to make text the same color as the background. They didn’t think they were hurting anybody. Turns out, the bot knew about it.”

“The… BOT …knew?” Jim asked, scared stiff.

“That’s right. But my dad told me that it still happens sometimes. He gave me a URL, and I’m going to see if it’s really as bad as they say.” Jim got up to run, but Tony grabbed his sweater and pulled him back. In what seemed like a whirlwind, Tony typed in the URL, highlighted the big empty space at the bottom of the page, and then….


The screams had faded by the time the … Read the rest

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ProSEO London: The Untold Session

Posted by gfiorelli1

The ultimate SEO factor: the human factor.

I was lucky to attend the ProSEO Training Days by Distilled/SEOmoz in London on the 25th/26th of October. It was a wonderful occasion to see so many things recapped, that I have read in blogs, forum and chats; to learn some new things about SEO and to finally meet the people I talk with (too much?) online.

When Jen asked in a tweet if anybody was going to write a YOUmoz post about the event, I literally felt her eyes looking at me: being one of the biggest contributors to the long tail of SEOmoz maybe it was my obligation to write something about the London event.

So here I am. BUT I won’t write anything about the sessions themselves (all interesting for one reason or another). Therefore, if you are looking to read something about what Rand said regarding the Overcoming Twitter cannibalization of the Link Graph, … Read the rest

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The Seven Ghosts of SEO

To keep with the Halloween theme that is a part of the month of October I have decided to write about seven SEO techniques that might have brought great results in the past but are now no longer effective. These techniques will be known as the seven ghosts of SEO.

1. Meta Keywords:

The Meta Keywords tag used to be the main tag for telling search engines what keywords were most relevant to the content of a website. A webmaster could include this tag in the head section of their website and fill it with the keywords that they wanted their site to rank for. Eventually spammers caught on to the fact that repeating keywords over and over in the Meta Keywords tag could cause their website to rank better. Google and other search engines eventually caught on to this and made a major change to their algorithms. The major change was to shift focus to links rather than Meta tags. The Meta Keywords tag no longer has an impact on search engine rankings.

2. Keyword Stuffing:

One technique used to rank well with the Meta Keywords tag was to stuff it with the targeted keywords. When algorithms were … Read the rest

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Complete Guide to Rel Canonical – How To and Why (Not)

Posted by Lindsay

There are a lot of great posts and resources about the rel canonical tag, but they can be hard to identify with a simple search. Even if you break through the clutter and find something truly useful, the current information can be hard to separate from the old. The web has been missing a current top-to-bottom resource on the rel canonical tag. In this post, I’ll do my best to cover it all and update you on the latest.

Learn why and how to use the rel canonical tag, when not to use it, the various opinions of experienced SEOs, and other bits and pieces that you need to know to use it correctly.

Let us start with the basics, then we’ll get into some more advanced ideas and issues.

What is the canonical tag?

First of all, we can’t seem to agree on what to call it. Rest assured that ‘rel canonical’, ‘rel=canonical’, ‘rel canonical tag’, ‘canonical url tag’, ‘link canonical tag’ and simply ‘canonical tag’ all refer to the same thing.

The canonical tag is a page level meta tag that is placed in the HTML header of a webpage. It tells the search … Read the rest

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