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From Clicks to Conversions at the SEOmoz Training Raceway

Posted by Dana Lookadoo

Day 1 of SEOmoz Pro Training was like being at a race track. The course careened from clicks to conversions and from search results to landing pages. The audience watched 9 speakers drive their search marketing race cars at speeds faster than fingers can type. Given the finger-breaking speeds, it was fortunate all SEO fans were well fueled – beginning with a healthy breakfast buffet, mid-morning energy bars, lunch (more all-you-can-eat) and a scrumptious mid-afternoon pit stop with fresh cookies and treats. After everyone was fed each time, it was off to the races.

Todd Freisen was in the sports booth service as emcee, host of ceremonies, referee, judge and time keeper. The event was like a well-oiled machine. Maybe that’s why they call Todd, "Oilman."

Will Critchlow, Todd Freisen, Rand Fishkin - SEOmoz Pro

When I said "yes" to attending the Mozinar on a Press Pass, I didn’t realize I was going to be covering a sporting event. … Read the rest

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5 Ways Clients Trip Up Their Own SEO

One the largest hurdles in getting a website to rank well and make money for a client, can be the client themselves. It is hard to watch a well-meaning client get in their own way and not know it. For that reason I am writing this post to help them understand what they can do (and not do) to make sure that they get the most out of their money when they hire an seo firm.

Choosing the right keywords

One of the most common mistakes that I see clients make when working with an seo company, or doing their own search engine optimization, is picking the wrong keywords. It is easy to become blinded by massive projected traffic numbers instead of focusing on the real number that matters – sales.

I have seen this happen repeatedly. Let me set this up for you. Here is a mock phone conversation after the SEO company has done some keyword research and recommended the appropriate keywords to the client:

Client:  “I would like to target keywords x,y,z.”
SEO Company:  “While the research does show that those will bring traffic, I am not sure those are the right keywords … Read the rest

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7 Different Visualisations of Link Profiles

Posted by Tom_C

We all love backlinks. We all love visualisation. Boom! Let’s mash those two things together. In this post I’ve collected a bunch of different techniques for visualising your link data. Some of these are useful for analysis, some are useful for management and some are useful for keeping Dr. Pete entertained…… :-)

Which Are My Top Folders

The top pages function of OSE is one of the most useful features ever. Ever since I saw the first incarnation in labs I’ve been a heavy user of this tool but Rich Baxter has taken things one step further yet again and given us a way to see the top linked to folders on a site. Here are the most linked to sub-folders and pages on

Get the step by step walkthrough to creating your own version of this over on seogadget.

Creating Geo Link Maps

Yes, I know that this involves a competitor. But the graphs are too super cool not to share! Take a look at the geomap of Distilled’s backlinks:

Anyone would think we have a presence in the US or something! To learn how to make your own version of this go check … Read the rest

August 30, 2010  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: SEO / Traffic / Marketing  No Comments Launches Local Search Service with Partnership; on Track for Record Year teams up with to offer small and medium-sized businesses the services and technology to efficiently leverage local SEO services that drive top rankings, increase website traffic and significantly boosts sales.

SALT LAKE CITY — Up until now,’s clientele was mostly made up of larger corporations and businesses with a bigger marketing budget. With one partnership, that’s all changed. has partnered with, a local Internet marketing firm with a proprietary SEO platform, to offer clients Google maps optimization and other local Internet marketing services.

“We’ve been seeking out a partner that could be a service provider for small, local accounts,” said Chris Knudsen, vice president of marketing. “We’ve found that in Boostability. They have great software, an equally great background in search, and a management team and product that will deliver results.”

The affiliation comes after experienced multiple years of rapid growth and is on track for a record year. In the last two years, the SEO company increased its monthly revenue by 600 percent and went from 12 employees to nearly 70 – and is still aggressively hiring.

This April, was named the No. 2 SEO firm by Website Magazine. … Read the rest

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The Muddled World of Mobile Carrier Search Results

Posted by Suzzicks

When I am thinking about mobile SEO, I pay specific attention to the order of the results and the inclusion of Universal Results. In their nature, Universal results are infinitely more clickable, as we know from traditional SEO. But in the mobile world, Universal Results are the fun results – because they are often have more potential for interaction with the phone than they would on a traditional computer.  You can click on a phone number to place a phone call, click on a map to get walking directions, click on a song to buy it or play it, and you can even click on an app to download it directly to your phone from the search results.

Interactive and fun, but so far, it is hard to predict when you will get a certain type of Universal Result and when you won’t, and there have been lots of major algorithm tweaks with little attention or fanfare. For example, I have screen shots taken in the past year comparing the search ‘Britney Spears’ on an iPhone and a traditional computer. The traditional computer had music downloads near the very top of the page, but the … Read the rest

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