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Create a Link Building Team Within Your Organization

Posted by RobOusbey

At a small or medium sized company, you might be part of a very small team with responsibility for SEO, or you may the only person – and it might not even be your full time job.

In these cases, people often tell me that the greatest struggle is finding time and resources to do link building for their site. Rather than pitching your boss to hire a new team member to assist with SEO and link building, you may have more success (and get more value out of) asking for a little time with members of different teams from different disciplines.
These staff may be able to give an hour or two each week explicitly to spend on ‘link building’, or you may be able to introduce them to the concepts, and help them to build link building in to their regular activities.
In this post, I’ll focus on the responsibilities and activities your colleagues may have, rather than specific employee positions, since the person with responsibility for different jobs varies greatly depending on the organization.
I’ll also give real examples of tactics used in the past, but collected together for a … Read the rest

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Whiteboard Friday – Outsourcing Content Creation

Posted by Danny Dover

 This week on Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin describes the methods he recommends for outsourcing content creation. Content is extremely important for SEO and users alike so these best practices are important for those of us without the luxury of an in-house staff of copywriters.

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Rand starts this presentation by setting context with his favorite SEO diagram. You can read more about the SEO Pyramid here.

Step 1: Requirements Gathering

Decide what you are trying to accomplish. Are you doing this for sales? SEO? Engagement? Traffic? Brand awareness? Be clear and write down what you want to accomplish along with the metrics you will use to measure them.

Step 2: Locating Potential Resources

You have plenty of options for finding potential resources. You can go offshore, in-house or hire web contractors. For web contractors, you can use the traditional services like Craigslist, oDesk, Elance, Guru or tap into the world of … Read the rest

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7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends (that Can Actually Improve SEO)

Posted by randfish

As the worlds of web design and SEO merge ever closer, we’ve been seeing design-specific elements produce a positive impact on SEO for the sites that employ them. It’s terrific news for SEOs who love design and are capable of and passionate about making it part of their repertoire. It’s also great for designers who find that as they evolved from Flash designs to machine-readable CSS and separated markup from content, they’ve earned more links and more organic search love.

Synergy between Design & SEO 1997-2010

In this post, I’ll walk through examples of those design practices in use and describe how they can help improve your opportunity for organic search rankings and traffic.

#1 – Designing that Elicits & Conveys Emotion

A phenomenal article from Aarron Walter of Mailchimp on ThinkVitamin – Emotional Interface Design: The Gateway to Passionate Users – deeply explores the trend of designers using their talents to imprint emotion on users. Personally, I love this practice, and professionally, I see it as incredibly valuable for SEO, too.

Rather than simply providing a user with information, these sites attempt to convey a sense of the companies, products and services they represent in a tangible way.

For McMiller’s Sweets, … Read the rest

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How to Benchmark in Analytics

Posted by JoannaLord

We have a lot of changes going on at SEOmoz (feel free to get excited, we sure are!) and with all of these changes to the site comes the need to focus on tracking. Internally we have spent the last few months redirecting our attention to not only the best practices regarding analytics and data mining, but really pushing ourselves to revisit our analytical processes.

You know what we realized? There sure is a lot of data. While I have always appreciated the reporting features in GA, I find that too often people take the reports at face value and fail to go deeper. It’s unfortunate since it is in those deep dives that you usually discover the data that can change your current course of action. So this post is going to tackle an approach to analytics that is often overlooked and (thanks to Google and their silly naming convention decisions) is rarely used to its fullest capacity. Get excited folks we are going to talk about benchmarking {Woohoo! Insert audience applause here}.

All of you excel spreadsheet lovers out there know plenty of ways to extract data and pinpoint specific red flags … Read the rest

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Affilorama Review

Mark Ling’s Affilorama is a product that has seen its way around the Internet a few times. Initially, this was priced at over 0 but since, Mark has generously made his Affilorama training available for free.

The quick history behind Affilorama is that it is not the Internets newest affiliate training program, but it is perhaps the most honest. Up until recently, this entire catalog was affiloramasubscription only, but the owner, Mark Ling has recently split the course up into a free version, alongside a subscription model for his advanced students looking for that little bit more.

After registering and receiving a confirmation e-mail, the only catch seems to be a tremendously corny name for a training program!  Affilorama features hours and hours of professionally recorded training videos which are backed with notes, software and literally everything that is needed to start building an affiliate income.

As experienced internet Marketing experts ourselves, we also know our way around the internet, and after taking a look at the details of this course with literally tons of videos, we were stunned to see that Mark and his team are not focused on the get rich quick mindset, but sound internet Marketing … Read the rest

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