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The Twittersphere as we know it

twitter-03-bigHubspot released its third State of the Twittersphere report this week and found a significant slowing of the growth of Twitter, but that the average Twitter user is more engaged.

Twitter’s growth slowed from its peak of 13% in March 2009 to 3.5% in October 2009. That would actually be pretty respectable growth if it weren’t for the fact that the platform’s international traffic continues to flatten as reported by Comscore, and Of course, it’s smart to factor in the use of tools like TweetDeck which don’t require anyone to actually visit the site itself. A better metric might be to look at the total number of tweets posted or perhaps a rolling statistic which addressed how many accounts were updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

It’s not all bad news for the micro-blogging service. Those using the services continue to be engaged with it:

- the average Twitter account has 300 followers. In July the average was 170
- the average account now follows 173 accounts. In July the average was only 47
- the average account today has posted 420 updates. In July that number was 119

This might just be regular growth … Read the rest

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Where are you spending your time

One of the great disconnects for the online marketing industry (so far) has been the failure to develop the kind of “best practices” and coordinated efforts synonymous with well-oiled corporate marketing machines.

That’s to be expected, it took corporate America decades to refine advertising and marketing dogma for Online_cashprint, radio and television. Online marketing is still in its infancy but, with so many Marketing firms pushing for businesses to use their online marketing and metrics systems, the evolution is accelerating.

The online marketing industry can learn a great deal from former big-box retailers, food manufacturers and corporate giants of yester-year. Yes, there are far different “tactics” and “mechanics” today, but the concepts and strategies are similar and applicable.

The skills and capabilities of many former marketing professionals are also relevant. Marketing directors, ad execs, brand managers, writers, PR and many more, have skills that are transferable to many online models being presented. Companies have fired many of the people who for years brought business in the door, and many of these positions will never be refilled.

Look at the graphic below. It points out, in cold hard numbers, the shifting to equilibrium that is occurring between internet and traditional media, Read the rest

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Have you ever wondered what kind of impact it would have on our lives if all Internet based communications were removed from our daily routines?  The image below gives a numerical perspective to what seems an almost immeasurable exchange of emails, blog posts, tweets and everything in between.

social-media-count_fullRead the rest

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Who doesn’t love cool new electronics – CES

 tns_07Microsoft at International Consumer Electronics Show 2010

2010 CES Keynote Address

Watch the video of Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach delivering the opening keynote address for CES 2010.


Advance the video to approximately 1 : 15 : 00 to skip all of the intro slide-shows and shots of the audience. 

I think it is safe to say after watching this video with CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer and the other speakers that we are in for some seriously cool and connected electronic toys in 2010. tns_05

 Of course the first thing touched on by Ballmer is the economic stability, or lack there of, we have faced in 2009. He continues to explain that many of the technology sectors managed to hold the financial flood waters back for the most part.  When listening to Ballmer it is hard not to envision him doing play by play for some college bowl game. He does however have a certain demeanor and enthusiasm that seems to lend itself well to public speaking for the software giant. I will give the guy one thing, he is a lot more entertaining to watch or listen to then Mr. Bill.tns_03

 Being a lover of any new and innovative electronic gadgets,

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Linux vs Windows for Web Hosting

linux_vs_windowsTypically when choosing a website hosting solution the first thing you should consider is the appropriate operating system for your system. The most common operating systems include Linux and Microsoft Windows. There are also unpopular solutions possible through Unix and Macintosh but you will often find less support for these platforms.

This article will focus on the popular solutions of Windows and Linux. Based on a given requirement each operating system serves their unique purpose. Comparisons below are made about important aspects of each operating system.


Security is one of the most important areas within the industry. It is a common misunderstanding that windows servers contain more vulnerabilities than Linux servers. Security risks are often the fault of the administration rather than the operating system. Ensuring that your software updates and security patches as well as other tasks are always up to date is just part of a good security administrator’s job. As software evolves there will always be new security risks and this will not change. For security, look at your server management team rather than the operating system.


The most common type of server access is FTP and both platforms allow this type of access. Both … Read the rest

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